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The traditional purchasing path as you know it is dead. Smartphones have radically changed how consumers interact with you. Your consumer lives on their smartphone and they want to take instant action based on personal goals and agendas. Today you have 3 seconds – not 3 minutes or 3 hours – to capture their attention on mobile.  “Smartphone purchasing decisions are made in micro-moments. They happen on the fly,” and as a result they’ve fractured the traditional customer behavior into dozens or even hundreds of real-time, intent-driven moments. As the leading provider of mobile app solutions for dealerships, AutoMotion knows how to reach your customer in those moments.


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Join a community of thousands and take advantage of your customers mobile moments.

Location targeting technology intelligently delivers the right message to your customers on mobile. Beacons allow customers to “directly interact with your vehicles” on their mobile device. When a shopper enters the micro-proximity of a specific vehicle, the beacon triggers a tailored message right to their mobile phone. “The applications of this technology is virtually limitless,” allowing you to showcase your dealerships inventory, specials and more!

App Platform

Interact with consumers at key decision making moments

Our Location Targeting feature recognizes when your user reaches a specific location that we target, and automatically serves them an incentive message to bring them back to your store to close. Our Beacon technology immediately recognizes when a user is interacting with a vehicle or an area in your store, and automatically serves them a specific personalized message with more information or an action to complete. Imagine the possibilities.


Building loyalty with immediate and relevant information

Ongoing speed and access to information is key. When you remove the friction in your process and make it simple for your customers to schedule service on the go magic happens: they do it.
The app provides your customers with a quicker, simpler way to schedule regular service. If we can get them to schedule service with you 2-3 times, get them to schedule through the app with you each and every time. No more stops to quick service when you make your dealership quick service trough the app.

Working together to deliver lasting customer relationships

AutoMotion will work with you to deliver downloads.” Working hand-in-hand we will put together a download generation program tailored to your dealership featuring, among other approaches; App Option Codes, App Banners, Google Search, Digital Marketing, Email, Signage and Collateral. Along with helping you train your teams based on your sales and service process to find the best time to ask for an install. The average customer has 119 apps on their phone. Together, we will compete to make sure your app is one of them.


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Boost mobile traffic and SEO organically

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Specific messaging based on user behavior


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The future of customer-dealer interaction


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Allen Toyota Case Study

Allen Toyota teamed with AutoMotion, the leading mobile app provider for dealers, to create a mobile app for their customers. It is their mission “to provide our customers with an experience that is unsurpassed… by respectfully providing the highest quality service to every customer and associate in a timely fashion,” and they felt they could accomplish this digitally by creating a mobile app that users could access quickly and easily from their mobile devices. They wanted to dive into mobile, they wanted to be a digital-friendly dealership, but most of all they wanted to create a tool their customers would actually use.

The AutoMotion Advantage

AutoMotion has been pioneering the retail automotive mobile app space since 2011, helping dealers connect with their customers on the devices that matter to them most. With full training and support programs, OEM Co-Ops, and thousands of apps nationwide, our team is your experienced automotive mobile app partner.

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