Advertise Your Car Dealership Directly On Your Customers Mobile Device


Hyper-Targeted Marketing Made Simple

Targeting your customers online is hard,

Don’t mess with broad ad campaigns, re-targeting and endless segmenting, stop wasting your budget on digital overages, mediocre open rates, and SEO rankings.

What keywords should I use?

Did I correctly segment my audience for maximum ad reach?

Is my re-targeting campaign working?


Hyper-target your clients with advanced Location Targeting and Push Notification technology.


How It Works:

AutoMotion’s Location Targeting feature allows dealers to identify up to 5 physical locations in their area; they can put a tracker on these locations which can then be used to target mobile shoppers. When a mobile shopper visits one of these locations, a special offer from the dealership is automatically sent to the customer’s phone, this combined with the ability to manually message your customers gives you the power to interact with your customers a the right time, right place and with the right message.


Quit Questioning Your Marketing:

  • Did you place your TV ad’s on the correct channels at the right times?
  • What was the ROI on that expensive direct mailer campaign you just sent?
  • How many competitive deals did you close with your last email blast?


The Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Don’t waste $ on email campaigns with 10-15% open rates…
  • Don’t waste TIME on creating mailing lists and researching who opened what, where…
  • Don’t let other agencies control your promotional timeline and messaging…


  • Send Push Notifications directly to a consumers mobile device with 95%+ open rates
  • Include direct call-to-actions in your messaging and promotions
  • Advertise to customers the second they walk on to a competitor lot


It’s Your Dealership

Take control of your dealership’s mobile marketing and advertise directly on your consumers mobile device.

Take the guessing out of digital marketing and utilize a platform with full back-end analytics and directly measurable ROI.

Market your dealership the way you want to from a simple, efficient and cost effective platform that gives you complete control.




Author: AutoMotion Dealer App





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