App Promotion
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Learn how to best promote your mobile app

Webinar Training

View our training webinar and learn how to utilize your new dealership mobile app. This training tool takes 10 minutes and will show you how to get the most out of your mobile shopper. This is an effective way to get a refresher on all the features on your new mobile app and gear you towards successful results.


App Option Code is an effective tool to drive your mobile website visitors into an app experience. Simply install your custom code snippet with your web provider and start driving downloads to your app today. This provides a great way for you to convert more of your website visitors into app users or encourage visitors to continue to use your app.

AutoMotion App Option Code


Drive app downloads through your existing PPC or SEM campaigns. Simply link your new mobile app to your Google Adwords campaign and start driving installs to your customer’s smartphone. Thinking about the behavior of your target demographic could lend itself to out-of-the-box opportunities to engage with both new and existing consumers.

Social Promotion

Use your existing Facebook and Twitter accounts to drive new app installs through FB app links and Twitter app cards. Simply link your new mobile app with your social accounts to start getting app traffic now. Be sure to send out regular social media posts encouraging your audience to download the app. Use images and tailor your posts to each social media channel.

Dealer App Point of Sale Promotions

Point of Sale

Promote your app in the dealership through signage, table tents, and banners. (Make it clear the customer can now use their smartphone to search inventory to scheduling service). This is a great way to let your customers know you have an app and encourage downloading. Furthermore, placing these items by service desks, and entrances will be eye catchy for potential app downloaders. Other ways to encourage direct download is to have QR codes that customers can scan and download the app directly on their mobile devices.


Train your sales and service teams to promote your new mobile app. The chances of your customers hearing about your app through your own advertisements are greater than stumbling upon it on iTunes or Google Play. Many dealerships have done incentive promotions by giving discounts to customers who show they have the app downloaded. Your sales and service team are a great tool to show customers how quickly they can access roadside assistance, schedule service, and get contact information for the dealership.