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Learn how to best promote your mobile app

Push Notifications

Send messages directly to the home screen of a customer’s smartphone and keep them relevant by alternating between sales and service messages. Our best practice standard is two messages per month, although there is no quantity limit.

Available with AutoMotion 500 and AutoMotion 1000

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Submit the request 24 hours in advance of the send date.

Send Push Notification

On-the-lot Messaging

Interact with app customers at your dealerships using beacons. Each beacon can have a custom message. Our best practice is to place one in the showroom and one in the service area of your dealership in a secure location.

Available with AutoMotion 500 and AutoMotion 1000

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Beacon Support
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Location Targeting

Target sales and service competitors and win competitive deals with location-triggered messaging. Drop a message straight to a customer’s phone at the perfect time – as they enter a targeted location. Our best practice is to update the message monthly.

Available with AutoMotion 500 and AutoMotion 1000

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Target Competitors

Spread the Word

Utilize your current marketing strategies to promote your app.  Give your customers the ability to download your app on third party websites, dealership websites, through email blasts, SEM campaigns and even by clicking on a link in your email signature.

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Social Promotion

Do you already have a Facebook or Twitter account?  Simply link your new mobile app with your existing social media accounts to start getting app traffic now.  Be sure to send out regular posts encouraging your followers to download the app.

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In Store Signage

Mobile devices are never far from reach, which makes promoting your app with in-store signage an effective way to encourage downloads.  Use table tents in the service area to point out that customers can now use their smart phone to schedule appointments, or promote it with eye-catching signage and easy-to-use QR codes for instant download access.

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Train Your Store

Train your sales and service teams to promote your new mobile app.  The internal team can spread the word by letting customers know how easy it is to access sales and service specials and book appointments on the app.  For training materials, download the PDF.

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