Dealership App Users Open Apps Over And Over Again


Consumers are directly interacting with your dealership at key points across the buying cycle. According to our recent analytics the average consumer is now accessing a dealership’s app 6-12 times on average across a 30 day period.

Why this matters…

  • Maximize pre and post purchase customer engagement and retention
  • Elongate the buying cycle without paying for interactions or re-question costs.
  • Lock shoppers into your dealership
  • Prevent Showrooming


Driving Repeat Actions:

Give your customers the ability to access your entire dealership in 1 click, driving customer actions that create tangible results. Providing your customers with a dealer app, allows you to establish a direct connection creating stronger customer retention.

Allow your customers to access your inventory, service department, specials and more, is a great way to “lock” customers into your dealership. Locking customers interactions in a dealership app, maximizes the potential of each customer decreasing the urge for shoppers to showroom. Our users engage with your brand over and over again pre and post purchase. Finally a platform that creates re-occurring business without you spending another dime on re-marketing.

See for yourself…


Keep Their Mobile Experience Within Your Control

The Mobile Shopper Stays Connected Even In Your Showroom:

 1. Customers often have more information in their hands than your sales people so give shoppers routes to utilize this info.

 2. Connect shoppers with your dealership’s mobile app and give them resources to aid in their car shopping process. Inventory, brochures, videos, walk arounds and more.

 3. Combat showrooming by providing usable resources that engage customers. The more information you provide your customers with the less likely they are to look for other sources to answer their questions.

 4. Mobilize dealership processes from adding to your sales teams pitch, vehicle delivery service scheduling and more

 5. Incorporate mobile into dealership marketing, using app downloads to drive sale event traffic and increase special offer return rates


Recent Google Insights

Consumers visited less, but they were better informed about what they wanted when entering the store. Each trip was more purposeful and they bought more.



New Reality #1: Digital drives in-store traffic

As it turns out, digital doesn’t just drive e-commerce. It actually gets consumers into local stores “In retail, you can’t think about the mobile phone as a threat. You have to think about it as a magnet that draws people into your stores.”- Google


New Reality #2: Smartphones are in-store shopping assistants

Thanks to our constantly connected world, we’ve become accustomed to instantaneous answers and a wealth of information at our fingertips, but not all retailers have translated this well into in-store experiences.

The key is to give them all the online information they need at their fingertips via your site, app and search campaigns to enable them to make a decision and buy in your store.



Is your website driving repeat customer actions?

Are your SEO, re-targeting and ad campaigns ending in dead links?






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