Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my app to be available to my customers?

What is AutoMotion?

AutoMotion uses apps, beacons, and geo-fences to convert smartphone shoppers to on-the-lot shoppers.  On average the AutoMotion platform delivers 15+ monthly new on-the-lot shoppers, 3 monthly competitive deals, and 10+ monthly service ROs.

Which dealers in my market use AutoMotion?

AutoMotion is the largest mobile app platform in automotive retail.  AutoMotion is currently used by thousands of dealers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  We power many of the top automotive manufacturers and mega automotive groups.

How will my customers find my app?
What is the AutoMotion App Banner?

Does this replace my mobile website?

No. The AutoMotion platform is an extension of your existing mobile website.  AutoMotion uses apps, geo-fences, and beacons to expand reach and conversion of smartphone mobile shoppers many dealerships are missing today.

How does AutoMotion differ from my mobile website?

App shoppers on the AutoMotion platform prefer the simplicity and speed of using the AutoMotion platform.  AutoMotion connects your dealership to mobile shoppers and permits access to mobile customers the dealership is currently missing.

Do I get to customize my app?
How long do updates to my app take?

How do we get setup?

Installing AutoMotion is a quick 2 step process.  AutoMotion installs on your mobile website and delivers new mobile shoppers each month.  Simply complete the install form and we’ll work with your mobile site provider to complete setup.  That’s it, you’re all set to start recieving your share of 1 million+ mobile customers.

What should we expect after setup?

Once AutoMotion has been installed on your website, we’ll begin tracking activity to your dealership through the AutoMotion platform.  Each month AutoMotion will summarize your analytics and report key metrics including:

  1. New on-the-lot shoppers
  2. Competitive deals won
  3. Parts and service revenue

What if I don't install the AutoMotion App Banner?