How To: Hyper-Targeting The Mobile Car Shopper

Hyper-Target The Mobile Car Shopper



4. Hyper-Targeted Marketing Made Simple

Targeting your customers online is hard,

Don’t mess with broad locations, keywords and ad dollars. Don’t stress about hoping if you correctly segmented your audience or placed an ad on the correct site.  Quit wasting your budget on digital overages and instead hyper-target your customers to maximize your ROI.

Hyper-target your clients with Push Notifications and Location Targeting,

In app software uses location-targeting to determine the geological location of your customer. Placing specific “targets” on locations of your choice allows automatic messages to be sent to a customers mobile device upon entering a location; this combined with the ability to manually message your customers gives you the power to interact with your customers a the right TIME, right PLACE and with the right MESSAGE.

and to add a CHERRY ON TOP, all of this is included for FREE within the app.

When is the last time you sent a mailer to a customer for free?

Close Competitive Deals

Use your competitors advertising to your advantage



How To: Hyper-Targeting The Mobile Car Shopper

Utilize Your Customer


Using Your customers location to your avantage


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