How To: Location Targeting for your Dealership

Reach the Right Customer, In the Right Place, at the Right Time

Dealers can now target mobile shoppers based on their location. AutoMotion TV’s new Location Targeting feature allows dealers to identify up to 5 physical locations in their area; they can put a tracker on these locations which can then be used to  target mobile shoppers. When a mobile shopper visits one of these locations, a special offer from the dealership is automatically sent to the customer’s phone.

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Dealers are able to send a targeted message to mobile shoppers when they’re in the shopping process. The technology can identify when a potential customer is visiting a competing dealership or obtaining a service quote from a competing service center. The system automatically delivers a coupon or offer to that customer’s phone, incentivizing a visit back to the dealership.



  • Dealers can customize their location targeting to reach customers based on demographic characteristics

  • Segment your marketing to reach certain customers

  • Utilize your dealerships strengths to provide potential and current customers with the best offers in your area


Utilize Surrounding Dealerships, Service Shops and Automotive Centers

  • Place location targets on these places and then market promotions and specials to draw customers back to your dealership

  • Boost revenue from your service department by creating offers that beat the surrounding competition

  • Get a one-up on competing dealers by providing more attractive specials that can be sent directly to the consumers phone


Drive Loyalty and Enhance Relationships

  • Reward customers with discounts, promotions and sale specials that will keep them coming back

  • Utilize location targeting to provide customers with great experiences, boosting your trust and value index

  • Reach loyal customers and continue to build your relationships with them

  • Utilize your current loyalty programs features to create even stronger marketing promotions


Re-targeting Consumers

  • Re-target consumers who have downloaded your app to drive continued engagement and increase utility

  • Contact prospecting clients more readily by connecting straight with their mobile device

  • Utilize seasonal offers to get the most from your sales and service departments


Contextual Approached

  • Connect with customers at moments in which your dealership can provide them the most value

  • Couple your location targets with your marketing campaigns to increase everything from sales and service to keeping repeat customers in the know



Sales Advantages:

  • Advertise your specials

    • Competitive cash back offers

    • Tent sales

    • Leasing specials

    • Used car specials


Service Advantages:

  • Service specials

    • Oil Changes

    • Tire rotations

    • Seasonal promotions

  • Reward programs



  • Use your competitors to your advantage

    • Competitor Dealers

    • Midas/Jiffy Lubes

    • Grocery Stores

    • Local Body Shops

Location Targeting Message Examples:

  • Today only $500 off the purchase of any new Ford Fiesta! Hurry in this offer won’t last!

  • You’ve been selected for a limited one time only $500 off special of any new 2013 model year vehicle!

  • Don’t let winter run your life, equip your vehicle with a set of snow tires today!

  • Maintenance is key to long vehicle life, guarantee your vehicle stays running strong with 20% off all oil changes this weekend only!

  • Beat the heat, make sure your air conditioning system is in tip top shape! Head down for 15% off all A/C diagnostics.


Utilize location targeting to its fullest. Couple your location targets with your marketing campaigns to increase everything from sales and service revenue to keeping repeat customers in the know.

This tool is virtually limitless and allows a dealer to customize their marketing efforts even further. Too many cross shopping customers? Turn them back to your dealership by offering them sales and service specials while they are on your competitors lot. Tailor each location target to create the greatest benefits for your dealership and create an interactive on-the-go marketing strategy that is sure to please your present and future customers.

By: AutoMotion Dealer App



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