Top 6 Ways Mobile Apps Actually Help Your Dealership

We have all heard it before, “Mobile is taking over the auto industry” but mobile is still a foreign topic for many dealers, don’t worry we’ve got your covered!

To help you better understand this unfamiliar territory, we’ve listed the top ways mobile apps actually help you dealership from a customer, marketing and internal standpoint: 

How Does A Mobile App Actually Help My Dealership?

1. 1 Touch Access To Your Entire Dealership

Stop giving your customers the run around; simplify the automotive experience on both ends by giving them 1 touch access to your entire dealership. Learn more

2. App Users Open The App Over And Over Again

No one likes a dead end, keep your customers on a platform that creates customer engagement, retention and drives traffic directly to your dealership. Learn more

3. Advertise Directly On A Customers Mobile Device

Did my customer see my newspaper ad? How did that last Facebook post work? Quit questioning your marketing and go directly to the source. What does a customer have with them 24/7? Their phone! Advertise directly on the device they use most.  Learn more…

4. Advanced Location Targeting Technology

What if I told you that you could automatically market a customer the second they step on a competitor’s lot? Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

5. Simplify Your Service Experience

Word around the dealership is that the service department is bringing in the majority of the profits…if you like more $$ in your pocket, here’s the answer.

6. Turn Web Traffic Into Customers

Don’t waste time and money with re-targeting, SEO rankings and dead links.  Visitors are good…but shoppers are better!  Turn your web traffic into business in one easy step.


It’s one thing to drive mobile shoppers to your dealership, and it’s an entirely different thing to keep them there. Mobile shoppers are a critical audience and understanding mobile usage, both pre and post purchase, is essential for turning online shoppers into actual business.

Engaging leads, enhancing customer engagement and simplifying multiple dealership processes are just a few of the benefits of adding a mobile app to your dealership.






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