Turn Web Traffic Into Car Sales


The Four Steps To Success:

   1. App Option Code : Your Automatic App Promoter

   2. Turn Your Web Traffic Into Car Sales

   3. How Does AutoMotion Drive Downloads

   4. Optimize Your Dealership Shopping Experience


App Option Code : Your Automatic App Promoter


App option code is your free app marketing promoter that automatically informs all your web visitors of your dealership mobile app. This small snippet of web code is embedded into your website, automatically initiating a call-to-action to download your dealer app whenever someone visits your site. If anybody with their mobile device types in your website’s URL or Google searches your website name, a pop-up will appear alerting the customer or potential customers that dealership has an app.  If they click “Ok”, it directs them to the Android market or the iTunes store, and they are able to download the app right then and there.

Maximize your web traffic by using app option code to drive downloads, placing your customers on a platform that entices repeat actions across the purchase funnel.

Turn Your Web Traffic Into Car Sales

Don’t waste time and money with re-targeting, SEO rankings and dead links. Immediately lock web-visitors into your brand by providing them with a solution to all their pre and post purchase needs.

How a dealer app drives sales:

  • Location Targeting and Push Notification software proactively markets customers
  • Direct connection method between customer and dealership
  • Increased VDP Views
  • Higher Customer Retention Rates ( link)


Features that drive sales:

  • Click-To-Call
  • Full New and Used Inventory
  • Location Targeting
  • Interactive Vehicle Brochures, Videos, and Dealership Walk-arounds
  • Promotions and Specials
  • Social Media Integration
  • Home-screen real estate

How Does AutoMotion Drive Downloads?

  • We do the heavy lifting placing a piece of code on your website automatically asking customers for the download.
  • We train your staff on key opportunities to drive app installs
  • We have a dedicated marketing team devoted to help you launch, promote and excel through all marketing channels.


Optimize Your Dealership Shopping Experience:

Your dealership needs to understand all the methods people consume media and create strategies that work with all channels.

Consumers have different needs on different screens so adapting your goals and strategies to account for the differences of each device is necessary to cover the market. Making your dealership discoverable on all devices increases your chances of being in front of the consumer at the right stage in the purchasing funnel.

  • Give customers an easy way to “pick up where they left off”
  • Make search simple, be visible on all screens
  • Cross device behavior requires conversion goal adjustment
  • Align conventional and digital marketing with your digital channels
  • Create a optimized shopping experience on every device





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