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Welcome to Digital Retailing without the desktop. The AutoMotion platform is digital retailing focused on today’s mobile customer. AutoMotion’s millions of app-based customers use the Get a Car experience to research, price, and buy their next vehicle.

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1 million + Mobile Shoppers

We drive real sales and service results from mobile customers

AutoMotion is now the largest mobile app platform in automotive. Through a proprietary data and feature set, AutoMotion delivers a significant increase in app shoppers, competitive deals, and monthly service ROs at retail.

Get a Car Experience

Everyday thousands of app-shoppers use the AutoMotion Get a Car experience to choose their next car, truck or SUV.

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how it works


millions of app-shoppers use AutoMotion

AutoMotion captures a new type of buyer who prefers using their smartphone to shop

shoppers use the get a car experience

AutoMotion helps shoppers discover and compare vehicles in their area

we bring the customer to the dealership

geo-fence technology connects the customer directly to the salesperson upon arrival

we put 15+ new app shoppers on the lot each month


closing ratio

4 new deals from app shoppers
$4,576 per month*

we bring back 3+ deals each month from competitors


conversion ratio

2 won competitive deals from app shoppers
$2,288 per month*

we create 10+ ROs each month

average gross RO

10 service ROs from app shoppers
$3,160 per month


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Interact with people in the AutoMotion network right on their home screen.

AutoMotion Network Connect is our guarantee to send people to your store every month.


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Put your dealership in front of app-based customers

AutoMotion 250 adds your dealership across AutoMotion’s complete app platform. AutoMotion’s mobile digital retailing solution exclusively targets app shoppers and helps you maximize your reach.

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What Clients Have To Say

BMW of ColumbiaAutoMotion Car Repair

Group 1 AutomotiveGary Gaia | Director Digital Marketing

Weber ChevroletMike Maher | IT-E Commerce Manager


App Shoppers


Usage Sessions


Engagements Per Shopper


Years on the Platform

Group 1 Automotive Case Study

Group 1 Automotive teamed with AutoMotion to create a mobile experience for their customers that drove sales and service results. The results? Groundbreaking mobile performance unparalleled in automotive. With 500k+ unique app shoppers and over 5m+ unique usage sessions, Group 1 Automotive continues to drive usage and engagement with the AutoMotion platform. The average Group 1 Automotive app shopper engages with the brand over 10x during their shopping and service lifecycle.

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Why AutoMotion Works

Smartphone Shoppers

Competitive Deals

Smartphone Service


Why AutoMotion Works

Platform Pricing

Over 1 million mobile people in the AutoMotion network.

AutoMotion 500

Interact with people in the AutoMotion network right on their home screen.

AutoMotion Network Connect is our guarantee to send people to your store every month.