The Mobile Platform Your Dealership Needs


1. APP SHOPPERS: We help drive opportunities from smartphone shoppers

App installs are low-funnel, high-value sales opportunities with direct access to your shopper’s smartphone. App installs are opt-in shoppers, ready to buy, and are typically narrowed in on their purchase preference.

How many mobile leads is your dealership missing?

2. DISCOVERY: We help mobile exposure here

More Google searches take place on mobile devices than laptops or desktops. Are you being found here? According to Apple and Google, apps are now a part of your ranking factor in mobile SEO. Google requires your mobile site and app be tied to together to enhance your placement in mobile SEO rank. In fact, apps are now indexed like websites, allowing mobile customers quick access to your inventory, specials, service bookings, and more.

Search for your dealership on your mobile device: where do you rank?

3. SHOWROOM: We help sell more here

More and more customers are choosing to start their shopping process at the dealership through the smartphone. Through AutoMotion Beacons and Location Targeting technology, smartphone shoppers can interact with your individual inventory through their smartphone, receiving information, offers, or specials, tied specifically to the vehicle they are in front of.

How many customers choose to shop your floor and lot using their smartphone?

4. COMPETITION: We help win competitive deals

Your dealership is being cross-shopped now more than ever. In fact, many smartphone customers will choose to cross shop your dealership the same day. With AutoMotion Location Targeting technology, identify your closest competitors and provide an incentive or offer directly to their smartphone the moment they set foot on a competitor lot or service area.

How many competitive deals do you win?

5. SERVICE: We help drive more appointments here

Apps help drive service loyalty and prevent defection through real-time service scheduling and service marketing opportunities. Give your customers a simple way to book their next service and create a long-term service revenue channel.

How are you retaining customers through service?

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